Capitol Rioter Lost Her Husband And Her Job Over The J6 Riot, Ended Up Begging To Stay Out Of Jail, According To Report

Yea, it doesn't work like that, girlfriend.

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It seems yet another Capitol rioter is desperately trying to avoid the consequences of their own actions on January 6th as the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports one Pennsylvania rioting woman who already had her life dumped upside down thanks to her participation in the insurrection is now begging prosecutors to go easy on her and give her probation instead of the jail sentence they’re pushing for, like so many of her fellow rioters have been slapped with.

44-year-old Jennifer Heinl has already lost her job and watched her marriage crumble in connection to her participation in the violent January 6th siege and now she’s set to be sentenced next week over a misdemeanor charge for entering and demonstrating inside the United State Capitol building. Heinl pleaded guilty to the charges against her back in November.

Federal prosecutors are seeking a sentence of two weeks in jail in addition to three years of probation for Heinl for charges related to breaching the Capitol building with the pro-Trump mob on January 6th of 2020, while the whole of Congress and the Vice President of the United States was inside, working to certify the Electoral College vote results of the 2020 presidential election. According to prosecutors, the Pennsylvania woman was inside the Capitol building for a total of 47 minutes while she took her own video footage of the attack before she went on to blatantly lie to an FBI agent and reportedly showed no remorse when interviewed by federal agents.

Martin Dietz, legal representation for Heinl, is asking that prosecutors instead allow for only probation, without the jail time, for her client’s crimes, stating that the Capitol rioter is “extremely remorseful, embarrassed and ashamed” about her participation in what Dietz described as “an “unjustifiable attack on America.” Heinl’s attorney goes on to argue that his client has never had so much as a traffic violation before these charges and claims she is responsible for caring for her two sons with health problems.

The attorney argues that his client has already paid dearly for her participation in the insurrection, as her marriage to a police officer fell apart after she went to the Capitol riot despite her husband reportedly asking that she not go to D.C. on January 6th. Heinl’s divorce from her law enforcement husband is in the process of finalization.

“Ms. Heinl made a very serious and ill-advised error in judgment when she entered the U.S. Capitol along with hundreds of other persons,” the Capitol rioter’s attorney stated. “She is not, however, a bad person.”

It really sounds to me as though Ms. Heinl should have considered all of the above BEFORE she violently stormed the United States Capitol. She’s a grown-ass adult. Make better choices, or pay the consequences. Full stop.

Read the full report from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette here.

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