Capitol Rioter Who Claimed That She Wouldn’t Go To Jail Because She’s “Blonde And White” Broke Her Silence After Being Sentenced And It’s Even More Hilarious Than We Expected: “You Win!!! I’m Going To Prison”

This poor punkin!

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In late March, a Texas real estate agent who took part in the Capitol riot took to Twitter to say that her blonde hair and white skin would keep her out of jail. However, Jenna Ryan was sentenced to 60 days behind bars for her role in the deadly January 6 Capitol insurrection. She denied making that claim to WUSA9, but there are receipts all over the internet. U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper wasn’t going to give her a break because she has blonde hair. He told Ryan that it was clear that she knew what she was doing when she left her hotel to travel to the U.S. Capitol after watching coverage of the riot on Fox News.

“You knew it when you walked out of your hotel room and said, ‘We’re going to war and we’re going to be breaking windows,'” Cooper said.

In fact, in a video clip that Ryan posted from the Capitol, she can be heard saying, “We’re armed and dangerous,” so I assume that that didn’t help her case very much.

Judge Cooper said, partly as a result of Ryan’s own media presence that her case has generated a lot of attention. “People will want to know” what the penalty is for attacking democratic institutions, “and I think that sentence should show them we take it seriously.”

Her privileged ass is going to prison for 60 days.

The judge pointed to Ryan’s statements before and after January 6, including one on her way to the Capitol, saying, “I’m going to war.”

“I know you didn’t participate [in violence] but you did celebrate it. You cheered it on,” Judge Cooper said. “You posed next to a broken window and said, ‘We’re coming for the media next.'”

Ryan claimed that she was in the Capitol for only two minutes, and after the sentencing, she blamed the media.


Ryan unleashed a tweet to ask people to leave her alone.

That’s not how it works out, lady. You fucked around and found out.

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