“Christ Followers Cannot Support This”: So-Called Christian Republicans Are Revolting Against The Trumps Over A Recent, Controversial Event

Looks like they really stepped in it this time!

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Donald and Melania Trump have found themselves on the receiving end of serious backlash from their most staunchly evangelical base after it was publicly announced that the ex-First Lady would be attending a fundraising event for the Log Cabin Republicans, a pro-LGBT+ and pro-GOP group, at Mar-a-Lago later this month.

Melania has made headlines basically for not making headlines, as the former First Lady has flown far beneath the radar since the Trumps’ departure from the White House in 2021 and all of the drama and subsequent criminal charges that came with it. Frankly, it’s rare to see Donald’s wife out in public at all these days, much less making a standalone appearance at any sort of event, fundraising or otherwise. So, suffice it to say, the media was ripe with coverage of the announcement that Melania would be making a rare appearance at the pro-LGBT+ event, to help fundraise for a group that was actually banned from the Texas Republican Party.

But as it turns out, not everyone is thrilled to see Melania, who’s always been on the supportive side of the LGBT+ community, out and about again — at least, not when she’s fraternizing with homosexuals.

Jenna Ellis, the very same Trump attorney who dramatically and tearfully pleaded guilty to multiple charges in connection to her 2020 election interference crimes, took to X (formerly known as Twitter) shortly after the news broke to air out her grievances on Melania’s impending appearance.

“Melania’s first campaign fundraiser is a pro-LGBTQ Republican event,” citing a Fox News article on the announcement of Melania’s decision to attend the upcoming event.

“This is an example of something Trump is doing that zero Christians can support,” Ellis goes on to add. “Even if you vote for him, which of course you should over Biden, Christ followers cannot support this… Where and when in conflict, I follow Christ over Trump.”

Ellis was apparently so upset, that she had to follow up with an additional tweet when someone called her out for being an “asshole,” pointing to John 14:15 and writing, “No person who truly loves or follows Christ is pro-LGBTQ.”

Ellis wasn’t the only Conservative evangelical that found themselves infuriated with the news, with some even saying that this has convinced them not to vote for the scandal-plagued former president:

Weird how they’re up in arms over a gay-friendly event but it’s crickets when it comes to the affair with a porn star…

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