CNN Reports That Trump Was “Screaming” As His Lawyer Struggled To Defend Him During Impeachment Trial

Oh boy, he's mad.

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Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial didn’t go down very well as his first attorney seemed incoherent at times and just rambled on. It was as if Bruce Castor Jr. swallowed a Scrabble set, spit the letters out, and called it a defense. The former president was impeached for inciting a deadly insurrection after Trump supporters seized the Capitol and even beat one police officer to death.

After Castor was done murdering the English language, Trump’s lawyer David Schoen took his turn in front of the Senate and appeared to threaten our country with Civil War.

I’m not sure, but Donald Trump probably liked the veiled threat Schoen threw out there, but he wasn’t happy with Castor. CNN’s Kaitlan Collins reports that multiple sources told her that the former president was screaming as Castor struggled to defend Trump.

Schoen and Castor were brought on board after Trump’s entire defense team abruptly quit. This is what you get when you allegedly don’t want to pay Rudy Giuliani, and your entire defense team quits. Then you’re left with the likes of Schoen, who represented Roger Stone, who was convicted in November 2019 of obstructing a congressional investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election. His prison sentence was commuted by the former president. Schoen also met with Jeffrey Epstein before his death.

Castor is a former acting attorney general of Pennsylvania declined to prosecute actor Bill Cosby more than a decade before he was eventually convicted in 2018 — and also sued Cosby’s victim, Andrea Constand, in a case that was dismissed, and then was sued by Constand for defamation, which was settled, The Guardian reported.

So, my point is that maybe Donald Trump should have taken a better look at their resumes. On the other hand, he would probably still end up with someone like the Kraken lawyer, Sydney Powell. Also, maybe Trump should be screaming at himself since he got himself into the mess. It’s a self-inflicted wound.

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