Congress Reportedly Finally Obtained Trump Hotel Documents That Former Administration Desperately Blocked From Release


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Donald Trump and his administration spent pretty much their entire term in office attempting to block any of the then-president’s dirty financial laundry from seeing the light of day. Honestly, that’s probably why not much was ever accomplished during the Trump era — they were all too busy doing damage control.

However, now that Trump is no longer enjoying the powers of the presidency and President Joe Biden has taken his place, those documents that Donald and his people tried so desperately to keep hidden are finally making their way out of hiding and into Congress’ hands.

According to a report from CNN, “The General Services Administration has provided House Democrats with documents related to former President Donald Trump’s Washington hotel, in the second case this week where the Biden administration gave the House information that the Trump administration had blocked it from obtaining. The Biden administration revealed in a court filing on Friday that the House committee had asked for the records and the GSA had turned over some of them last week.”

The report notes that the request was resubmitted by House Transportation Chair Peter DeFazio.

“The GSA responded in a letter to DeFazio last week that it was turning over some of the requested records, including monthly financial statements from the Trump hotel, audits, and lease amendments — though the GSA declined to provide legal memorandums, arguing that those records were part of ‘internal executive branch legal advice.’ The letter from the GSA said it was still working to fulfill DeFazio’s request for memos and communications from the White House or other federal agencies related to the lease of the Old Post Office Building,” CNN goes on to note.

The fact of the matter is, Donald Trump no longer has the protection he once enjoyed from the presidency. At the end of the day, he’s nothing more than an average American citizen, subject to the same rules and regulations as the rest of us. We knew the day would come that his dirty was finally released. And it looks as though that day is now.

You can read the report here:

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