Cowboys For Trump Founder Says “The Only Good Democrat Is A Dead Democrat”

Trump doesn't need to say things like this because his supporters are doing it for him.

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A New Mexico county commissioner is being widely condemned and called upon to resign for appearing to call for killing Democrats in support of President Donald Trump as a church crowd cheered.

Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin is the founder of “Cowboys for Trump,” and he made the upsetting remarks during an appearance at the New Hope Revival Church located in Truth or Consequences, NM.

“I’ve come to a place where I’ve come to the conclusion that the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat,” he declared.

The “Christians” in attendance broke out in cheers, only for Griffin to try and clarify his words to mean something else.

“I don’t say that in the physical sense, and I can already see where the videos getting edited where it says I want to go murder Democrats. No. I say that in the political sense because the Democrat agenda and policy is anti-American right now,” he said.

Here’s the video:

If Griffin was so concerned about “videos getting edited” he would not have said what he said in the first place.

There’s really no other way to interpret his remarks other than a threat to the lives of Democrats. In the era of Trump, when right-wingers are carrying firearms to intimidate Democratic governors, such words are especially dangerous.

And this is not the first time Griffin has expressed a desire to kill Democrats. In April, Griffin suggested that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam — a Democrat — should be hanged.

“Virginia I’m coming your way. And I got a rope on my saddle if you think we may need it?” he said according to a news report.

New Mexico House Speaker Brian Egolf strongly condemned Griffin.

New Mexico Democratic chairwoman Marg Elliston called upon Republicans to speak out against him and his rhetoric as well.

“Commissioner Griffin should resign his position immediately,” she said. “It is also incumbent upon every single Republican holding or running for elected office in New Mexico to strongly denounce his comments and join our call for his resignation.”

In this time of crisis and chaos, Griffin’s words only put a charge in the air that could result in violence and death. The blood from this violence would be on his hands and something tells me he would refuse to take responsibility while smiling on the inside. People like him don’t make our country great.

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