Lindsey Graham Gets Burned In Devastating New Ad Using His Own Words Against Him

Lindsey must go.

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A striking political ad aimed at Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) uses President Donald Trump’s lapdog’s own words against him.

Democrats are hoping to flip Graham’s seat in November in South Carolina, where Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison has outraised his opponent in funding and is within striking distance of him in the polls.

All told, Graham is in more danger of losing this year than he has ever been in his political career. And his own words certainly are not doing him any good because they provide the perfect fodder for campaign ads such as the one recently released by political action group “Lindsey Must Go.”

The ad brilliantly offers voters a chance to hear Graham’s anti-Trump statements.

“I think he’s a kook,” Graham says as the ad begins. “I think he’s crazy. I think he’s unfit for office.”

Graham also refers to Trump as a “jack-ass” who says “dumb” things.

But sometime after Trump took office, Graham all of a sudden changed his tune and turned his back on his friend the late-Senator John McCain in the process by becoming Trump’s top sycophant who has said Trump deserves the Nobel Prize and worked to rig the Senate impeachment trial in Trump’s favor.

“Honestly, they’re both terrible,” the ad says of both Grahams. “But the new Lindsey stands for nothing but his reelection. This November, vote him out.”

Here’s the video:

Graham also once said that “if we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…….and we will deserve it.”

This November, voters have a chance to defeat Graham and Trump so that his prophetic warning that the Republican Party will be destroyed comes to fruition. Ads like this will only help Harrison win because they reveal Graham as a two-faced politician who abandoned his principles to bow down to a wannabe dictator. Graham used to stand for something. Now he’s pathetic and must be replaced so that South Carolina has a senator with a spine again.

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