Damning J6 Testimony Transcript Released, Confirms Trump “Floated The Idea Of Having 10,000 National Guardsmen Deployed To Protect Him” During Capitol March He Desperately Wanted To Attend

It just keeps getting worse and worse.

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The January 6th House Select Committee has officially released its final report at the conclusion of their extensive, long-running investigation into the deadly Capitol insurrection, as they begin to disband in preparation for incoming Republican power in the wake of the GOP’s razor-thin success in the midterm elections.

As part of the J6 House Committee’s final hoorah, multiple transcripts of sworn witness testimonies that were delivered before the Panel were released to the American public as further evidence of the Republican corruption and crimes. Those testimony transcripts have shaped up to be absolutely damning for former President Donald Trump, as it sheds new, disturbing light on the man’s true actions leading up to, during, and surrounding the fatal Capitol attack.

Donald Trump has long insisted that he personally called for the deployment of 10,000 (sometimes upwards of 20,000 when he’s being extra exaggerative) to the US Capitol building to help keep the peace amid the violent, deadly riot of his own making. Trump has used this notion as a defense for himself, against the credible accusations that he played a deep, personal role in inciting the deadly violence on that fateful day.

According to the House Committee’s report, former Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller testified under oath that there was no such order that was ever handed down by Donald Trump during the horrifying insurrection that put the whole of Congress and Trump’s own vice president in direct, grave danger.

However, former Trump White House Senior Advisor Max Miller further elaborated on the subject in his own sworn testimony, indicating that then-President Trump did, in fact, float the idea of thousands of troops, but for his own protection, and the protection of his devout supporters, as he was absolutely desperate to march to the US Capitol with his violent mob of supporters.

According to Max Miller, Trump “floated the idea of having 10,000 National Guardsmen deployed to protect him and his supporters from any supposed threat from left-wing counterprotesters” just two days before the riot took place. Miller recounted telling the then-president that it was a very bad idea.

US military officials had already grown weary and leery of Trump’s ideas with regard to what he seemed to feel was his ability to utilize the country’s military for his own personal agenda — hailing back to the now-former president’s desire to deploy 10,000 active-duty troops against Black Lives Matters protesters near the White House in June 2020. Trump’s concerning history with the US military left Pentagon officials rightfully concerned that he would attempt to issue an “illegal order” to utilize military forces to remain in power after his election loss.

Featured image via DoD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos

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