Damning WaPo Financial Probe Reportedly Showed Corrupt Alex Jones Has Been Funneling His Money To Make It Harder For Sandy Hook Families To Collect The Millions He Owes

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Over the course of the last few months, infamous Right-wing conspiracy theorist and InfoWars host Alex Jones effectively lost everything, after he was ordered in multiple cases to pay out literal hundreds of millions of dollars to the families of the children who were slaughtered in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre after he used his talk show platform to spread defamatory, damaging, and blatant lies and conspiracy theories about the victims and families, including the claim that they were all paid crisis actors, rather than genuine victims of gun violence in the US.

Jones has unsurprisingly less than willing to pony up what he owes to these families, and instead regularly tries to claim that he’s going bankrupt, and continually calls on (or rather begs) his followers and listeners to help him foot the massive bills.

But a damning new examination of Jones’ financial records conducted by the Washington Post has reportedly found that the Right-wing talk show host is apparently intentionally funneling and moving massive amounts of his money, in a concerted effort to make his money virtually unreachable to the Sandy Hook families he owes.

The Washington Post reports:

As the potential for damages mounted, Jones began moving millions of dollars out of his company, Free Speech Systems, and into companies controlled by himself, friends or relatives. The transfers potentially put those funds out of reach of the Sandy Hook plaintiffs.”

WaPo’s probe further found that Jones started paying his personal trainer $100,000 a week to help ship supplements and other merchandise” and that “a company managed by Jones’s sister and listed as a ‘supplier or vendor’ was paid $240,000” for services it supposedly provided.

According to the newspaper’s report on their examination, it was those very transactions that helped Jones tip his company, Free Speech Systems, into bankruptcy this summer, which he would go on to cite multiple times throughout his trials this year. Ultimately, the Post notes that this apparent financial scheme could leave Sandy Hook families going on a neverending and undeserved wild goose chase to actually get the money that was awarded to them.

One attorney representing Sandy Hook families, Avi Moshenberg, weighed in and said that he fully believes the Right-wing conspiracy theorist is very intentionally moving his money around in a way that will hide his outrageous wealth and essentially make him appear broke, for no other reason than to cheat his victims out of the money they are rightfully and lawfully owed.

“In the middle of this lawsuit, they started documenting debts that had no evidence of existing beforehand,” the attorney said.

Read the full examination report from the Washington Post here.

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