Former Federal Prosecutor Turned Legal Analyst Claimed Ivanka “Incriminated” Her Father During 8-Hour Testimony Before J6 Committee: “And I Can Tell You How”

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There’s really no denying that the effects of Ivanka Trump’s voluntary testimony to the January 6th House Select Committee are far from over. In fact, I don’t believe they’ve even really, truly begun yet. Already, speculations have swirled regarding the extent to which Ivanka may have inadvertently, or even purposely, exposed her father and his criminality, as she undoubtedly tries to balance the act of saving her own image and protecting her own father.

We know that, based on Trump’s reaction to his eldest daughter’s 8-hour testimony, we can certainly assume that the ex-president is beginning to feel the heat, and the worst is likely yet to come.

But if you ask Glenn Kirschner, Ivanka Trump fully “incriminated Donald Trump” when she finally appeared before the January 6th House Select Committee.

Speaking with SiriusXM host Stephanie Miller on an episode of The Stephanie Miller Show, the former federal prosecutor and current legal analyst for MSNBC, spoke on the topic of Ivanka’s recent testimony, and was quick to express full confidence that the president’s favorite daughter just threw her daddy under the bus — and he was happy to explain.

“They sat down, they testified, and what they did is they incriminated Donald Trump, and I can tell you how,” Kirschner told the host.

Here’s how. Keith Kellogg. OK, that was. Vice President Mike Pence’s national security adviser said in real time as the attack on the Capitol was in progress. ‘We all went into the Oval Office and told him, told the president, please call off the attack, condemn the violence. Stop your dogs.’ Right? Paraphrasing that last one. and Donald Trump refused, according to Keith Kellogg, a retired military general and Pence’s national security adviser. He’s not as bad as many of the others that were in Trump’s orbit. And then, he said, I tried and failed. Mark Meadows tried and failed. Kayleigh McEnany tried and failed. Ivanka tried and failed, so we sent her back into the Oval Office a second time because she can be pretty tenacious, and she couldn’t get her father to stop the attack on the Capitol. Steph, that is a president in a very real way, waging war against the United States. Even his own daughter couldn’t stop him. That is deeply incriminating information. Presumably, it’s been provided by Ivanka under oath to the J-6 committee, and if I were prosecuting the case, she would be one of the very early witnesses I called because let Donald Trump’s attorney try to say ‘Ivanka? Yeah, she was the coffee girl, barely knew her, never met her. She’s incredible.’ Let them try that. You know, that dog won’t hunt.”

It’s only a matter of time now…

You can watch the clip of Kirschner’s analysis on the Stephanie Miller Show here:

Featured image via Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

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