Disgraced Donald Trump Caught Red-Handed Following Confirmation That J6 Investigators Obtained Metadata Straight From The Trump WH On A Letter To GA Officials

This. Is. BIG.

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It seems Donald Trump’s desperate efforts to disconnect himself from what took place on that fateful day in January when the ex-president’s supporters stormed the nation’s Capitol building after the infamous “Stop the Steal” Trump rally, has just officially gone straight to shit. And there’s no looking back.

Speaking on MSNBC recently with host Rachel Maddow, House Rep. and member of the House Select Committee that’s currently investigating the January 6th Capitol insurrection, Adam Schiff, revealed that the 1/6 committee is in possession of metadata that hails directly from the White House (when Trump was still in office) on the letter that was sent to Georgia election officials, urging them to assist in overturning the results of the 2020 presidential election.

It appears from a discussion in the recent deposition that there was white house metadata on that letter to Georgia officials suggesting that the letter to those Georgia officials might have originated in the white house, that this might not be just a Jeff Clark problem, it might be a trump white house problem. Is that your understanding of that situation? Are those the implications of that metadata? Do we have this the right way around?” Maddow questioned Schiff. 

I think that you do on the basis of what the committee has disclosed about the questions we posed to Mr. Clark, that there was metadata indicating a White House role of some kind of communication through the White House of some kind,” Rep. Schiff responded. “This is exactly why we need these witnesses to testify so we can understand what part of this plot to overturn the election was the White House involved in, what part was the president personally involved in, what expectation was there that the last-ditch effort might involve violence against the Capitol to delay or obstruct the certification of the elector results?” 

if the metadata in question does ultimately, officially connect the Trump White House to the election coup, as it’s expected to, then it will serve as cold, hard proof not only that the now-ex-president was wrongfully using his campaign to try to overturn the results of a free and fair United States election, but that he was also clearly and blatantly abusing his power as the US president in his attempts.

Should this be officially proven, it means Donald Trump committed a crime against the United States of America.

It’s clear to me that the January 6th Committee still has a hand full of cards that they’ve not yet played, and Trump and his people are far from prepared for — enough so that they may be able to officially and unquestionably trace the coup straight back to Donald Trump.

We can only hope that this will finally take that corrupt man and all his people down.

You can watch the clip of Schiff’s appearance on Maddow here:

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