Melania Trump Accused Of Having “Stockholm Syndrome” After She Released Rare Public Statement On Social Media

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As her scandal-plagued husband sits in a Manhattan courtroom, on trial for hush money payments made to his alleged sexual affair partners, former First Lady Melania Trump made her first public statement in nearly two months over the weekend — and the internet thinks it reeks of Stockholm Syndrome.

Melania has been notoriously quiet and remained largely out of the public limelight ever since her husband’s humiliating fall from grace in 2020. As the lawsuits and criminal charges piled in, Melania appeared to only get further and further away. Even as her husband’s 2024 presidential campaign has kicked into high gear, his wife is nowhere to be found, more often than not — leading to a mountain of questions and speculations about the Trump marriage.

Finally, the washed-up ex-first lady broke her silence recently with a post on X (formerly known as Twitter) that featured a Fox News article titled, “Melania Trump says US ‘must unite’ ahead of Mar-a-Lago Log Cabin Republicans event.”

In recent weeks, Melania found herself under fire by her husband’s staunchly Conservative, Right-wing supporters over her support for and attendance at an event for the Log Cabin Republicans — a gay-friendly Republican organization.

Alongside the Fox News article, the ex-first lady wrote, “As we look toward the future and the challenges that lie ahead, we must come together around the principles of liberty, justice, and patriotism. By uniting in our common goals, we can create a brighter and more promising future for all.”

Suffice it to say, the response to her rare new statement from social media users ranged from critical, to disparaging, to somewhat concerned for the former FLOTUS’ mental health:

Prior to this weekend, Melania’s last post to her official X account dated back to March 8th, when she posted about International Women’s Day.

“I applaud those who exhibit courage, stand firm in their beliefs, & strive for excellence,” she wrote on her official account to mark the date celebrating women of the world. “Let us remember that true greatness lies in embracing our unique selves & staying true to our values.”

In addition to her new statement on Sunday, Melania also made a post over the weekend hawking her new $245 customizable Mother’s Day necklace that comes complete with an engraving of her signature.

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