DOJ’s Investigation Of Mueller’s Russia Probe Just Turned Criminal

This is getting out of hand!

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Donald Trump and his entire band of cronies are pulling out all the stops to distract from and hopefully derail the formal impeachment inquiry that is currently open against POTUS — and Trump’s Department of Justice is running front and center for the effort at this point.

Of course, the Department of Justice isn’t supposed to work for the president. But considering Attorney General Bill Barr lives in Donald Trump’s pocket, it’s been clear for some time now that the DOJ certainly isn’t working for the American public like it’s supposed to.

As part of their distract and derail effort, Trump’s DOJ has opened a review into former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. But evidently, a review just wasn’t enough for them — the DOJ has now shifted their review of Mueller’s probe into an all-out criminal investigation, according to a source familiar with the situation who wasn’t able to divulge information publicly and was only able to speak on the conditions of anonymity.

Of course, this is a move that is sure to raise even more concerns about Trump and his administration using their powers within the government for political gain against his opponents — which is exactly what he’s facing impeachment proceedings for currently.

So far we do not know what potential crimes involved in the Mueller probe are being investigated by the DOJ, but this move does put Barr and his associates in the position to issue subpoenas, gather testimonies from witnesses, and bring up federal criminal charges.

House Judiciary and Intelligence committee chairs, who are currently leading the impeachment investigation against Trump, released a statement saying that the reports “raise profound new concerns” that Barr’s DOJ “has lost its independence and become a vehicle for President Trump’s political revenge.”

“If the Department of Justice may be used as a tool of political retribution, or to help the President with a political narrative for the next election, the rule of law will suffer new and irreparable damage,” Reps. Nadler and Schiff stated.

So far, the White House has not responded to requests for comment. But it’s become increasingly clear that Donald Trump and those who work for him are hellbent on doing whatever it takes to distract from what could be the end of his presidency.

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