Don Jr. Goes On Twitter, Attacks “The View” Host’s Education Day After He Appeared On The Show

He's the poster child for 'douche bag.'

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The eldest spawn of Donald Trump plucked up the bravery to appear on The View yesterday and frankly, I’d venture to say he was deeply regretting that decision pretty much the moment he got started.

On a show where even the Republican broad hates his guts, it was pretty safe to assume that he wasn’t going to have a good time. And boy, have a good time he did not.

The dude got his ass handed to him. I mean positively roasted. Shooketh down to the depths of his soul, so much so that he was literally nearly shaking and turning to his Jersey Shore Housewife wannabe girlfriend to verbally vomit some bullshit answers for him because he legitimately just didn’t seem to know how to respond.


Honestly, it was a real pleasure to watch. Junior is generally such an arrogant, pompous, “not all men” prick that the opportunity to see his skin crawl is one I damn sure wouldn’t want to miss.

But, as is usual for fuckboys of Junior’s level, despite turning into a little crybaby on the show, he wasted no time in turning back into his cocky little douchebag supreme self the moment he was away from a table full of powerful women and back in the safe embrace of his Twitter account.

After getting his ass demolished just yesterday, Junior took to his Twitter account this morning to go on the attack against View host Sunny Hostin — most specifically, her education and law degree, both of which Donnie Jr. doesn’t have.

Junior retweeted an article from the right-wing Daily Wire with the caption, “Not sure where The View’s @sunny got her law degree from, but she should think about asking for a refund.”

To answer your question, fuckface Junior, it was Notre Dame Law School. Don’t worry, it wasn’t somewhere as ridiculous as, say, Trump University.

Rest assured, Junior is just like his daddy in this aspect too. He can’t stand a woman that he feels is more powerful than he is. And considering his lists of talents consists of an uncanny ability to stick his foot in his mouth and self-absorbed “dad bod” pictures on Instagram… It really doesn’t take much to make him feel threatened.

Go ahead and take yourself several seats, Junior.

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