Don Jr.’s Damning Testimony Went Public, Made Seemingly Incriminating Admission About Millions Of Dollars In Trump Election Money

Not a good look, guys.

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According to newly-released testimony transcripts from the January 6th House Select Committee, Donald Trump’s eldest and most sycophantic son, Don Jr., admitted to J6 House investigators that he had no clue where $240 million in funds raised to help his father fight his humiliating 2020 election loss actually went.

As they bring their long-running, extensive investigation to a close, preparing to disband as Republican leadership moves in at the beginning of the new year following their razor-thin midterm success, the January 6th House Select Committee has released their 845-page final report, chock full of evidence against the corrupt former president and his cronies. Along with their blistering report, and multiple criminal referrals to the DOJ against Trump and his Republican jockeys, the panel of investigators has begun to release damning transcripts of sworn testimony they obtained from some of the ex-president’s closest insiders.

The transcripts alone have shaped up to be absolutely detrimental to the scandal-ridden former president. But this one may truly be the best so far.

This damning revelation came straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

During Jr.’s sworn deposition with the January 6th House Select Committee, one investigator made specific note of the staggering $250 million in funds that were raised by the Trump Campaign with the purpose of footing the bill for the legal fight against Donald Trump’s brutal 2020 loss to Joe Biden. However, the investigator noted that only a mere $10 million of that was actually used in litigation, as it was supposed to be.

The House investigator pointedly asked Jr. if he knew where the remainder of those millions went. Don Jr. responded, “I do not.”

Investigators pressed Jr. further, questioning whether he’d ever had any conversations with his father regarding the use of the remainder of that $250 million, Jr. said, “Not that I recall.”

Earlier in the deposition, ahead of this damning admission, Jr. told the Committee that he was aware of money being used to pay the legal fees of several individuals who had also appeared before the panel of investigators, by his father’s Save America PAC. Junior noted that his father’s PAC did not pay for his legal fees.

“I don’t know if that was an offer,” Junior reportedly said. “I’ve certainly asked for them to do that since – but yes.”

Among the testimony transcripts released by the January 6th House Select Committee in recent days, in addition to Donald Trump Jr.’s, were Don’s girlfriend’s, Kimberly Guilfoyle, as well transcripts from the likes of former Secret Service agent Tony Ornato, former Trump administration official Stephen Miller, former director of strategic communications Alyssa Farah Griffin, and former aide to Melania Trump Stephanie Grisham.

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