Don Jr. Tells Crowd At An Event “I Normally Follow Boring As Sh*t Politicians,” Basically Calling The Hundreds Of Republicans Who Have Spoken Before Him “Boring”

Well, that was rude.

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For all these years I’ve been covering politics in some manner or another, I’ve always had serious trouble accepting or believing that a lot of these halfwit, dipstick, Right-wing nutcase Republicans truly and honestly believe and adhere to the nonsense they spew day in and day out.

Not that long ago, we found out that ole General Michael Flynn himself apparently doesn’t actually hold tight to the beliefs he peddles in public after an alleged secretly recorded phone call revealed he doesn’t genuinely buy the QAnon nonsense he constantly peddles to the American public. At the time, we had a damn good feeling that Flynn certainly wasn’t alone in that.

And now, it looks like none other than Donald Trump Jr. himself has tattled on himself, so to speak, in much the same way, after he admitted during a recent public speaking event that he apparently finds the majority of his fellow Republicans to be “boring.”

The popular PatriotTakes Twitter account recently posted a new clip to their Twitter page of the ex-president’s son speaking at what they said was a “convention for trophy hunters.”

During the event, Don Jr. spoke to the crowd and quipped on the topic of public speaking, “Okay. Let’s get the elephant out of the room. I normally follow boring as shit politicians.”

Take a look:

I can only imagine all his fellow Republicans really appreciated being called “boring as shit.”

But then again, this is a Trump we’re talking about here, and when have any of them given a single damn about how they make anyone else feel?

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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