Don Jr. Throws In His Two Cents On Ted Cruz Debacle, Seems To Think Governor Of Texas Is A Democrat

Alexa, what party does Gov. Abbott belong to?

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Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to air his grievances over the Democratic Governor in Texas (he is not a Democrat) following the Ted Cruz saga after the Senator was busted in a lie or three. Cruz tried to bail on his constituents amid the weather crisis that left Texans without food, water, and power during the deadly cold blast that’s hammered the South. The top Republicans in the state have damaged their reputations over their response to the emergency, so for some reason, Junior thought he would weigh in to defend Cruz even though the Texas Senator admitted that it was a mistake to fly to sunny Cancun while his constituents are dying and whatnot.

You’ve got to be really, really high to think that Gov. Greg Abbott is a Democrat, but here we are.


The last Democratic governor in Texas was Ann Richards, who served from 1991-1995. It’s a red state, but maybe Cruz and Abbott will turn it blue. Twitter users dragged Junior to school.

CBS reports that “While power has been restored to millions in Texas, nearly half of residents, 13 million, don’t have access to clean, running water,” and yet, Ted Cruz thought this was a good time to take a family vacay. Also, the party responsible for the loss of power is the GOP.

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