Don Jr. Was Brutally Reminded Who His Dad Is After He Appeared To Fat Shame Ana Navarro On Twitter

What a douche.

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The View’s Ana Navarro and fellow panelist, Sunny Hostin, were asked to leave the daytime talk show while on air after their COVID-19 tests came back positive. That happened just before vice-president Kamala Harris was supposed to join them on the show.  Since then, though, both Hostin and Navarro have tested negative twice. So, the two women got false positives initially.

COVID-19 is a serious matter to most of us, but former President Donald Trump gave up the battle against the disease without ever putting up a fight. And last year, Donald Trump Jr. tested positive for the coronavirus, so you’d think that the twice-impeached one-term president’s son would not act like an asshole over Navarro’s news.

Junior took to Twitter to fat-shame Navarro, calling her obese. That’s rather weird since Junior’s father is obese, and he, too, contracted COVID.


Twitter users gave Don Jr. a reality check.

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When Trump took office, it was as if he enabled the worst in our society to be awful people. That includes Junior, who is just a self-entitled little snot that would be flipping burgers for a living if his last name wasn’t Trump.

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