Donald And Melania Trump Were Slammed For Their “Super Cringe” Dinner Tradition At Mar-A-Lago Club

I honestly don't even have words for this.

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Over the recent holiday weekend, as her husband was positively melting down in a “hypomanic episode” on his Truth Social platform, former First Lady Melania Trump hosted an Easter gathering at the Trumps’ sprawling, lavish Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, where they now call home.

Various videos of the family making their entrance to the event have gone viral across social media — strangely enough, the pair’s teen son Barron appears to enter the event twice, once with his mother, and once with his father.

However, what was most notable to people who saw the clips was the fact that both Melania and Donald were flanked by adoring, applauding fans who all stood and cheered and clapped for them as they made their appearance… In their own home.

Remember, that while Mar-a-Lago is a golf resort that takes paid reservations for guests and members, it is also the Trumps’ personal family home, where they chose to permanently settle down after Donald’s 2020 presidential election loss.

One X (formerly known as Twitter) user pointed this out, writing, “Why do Donnie and Melania make an entrance whenever they go to dinner in their own house? It’s super cringe. I’m going to start lining up friends in my living room to applaud me making my way to the fridge.”

Folks were quick to slam the former first couple for requiring such fanfare from their guests for essentially just entering their own dining room:

As noted by Newsweek, members of the exclusive Mar-a-Lago club are able to book dining reservations at the Trump-owned resort, including during parties, events, and holidays hosted by the couple. It seems that this grand, standing ovation fanfare for the Trump family’s entrances is part of the overall experience.

According to a 2022 report from the Washington Post, Trump continued the tradition of these lavish entrances at his clubs because he desperately missed the attention he would receive as POTUS, as this was the only way he could continue to get it.

“We had to explain to him that he didn’t have a group standing around waiting for him anymore,” an unnamed former Trump aide told the publication.

Another unnamed source spoke to the publication about Trump’s fanfare requirements, saying, “The appetite for attention hasn’t waned, but that’s where he gets it now.”

Newsweek spoke with a couple of experts on the matter who echoed  similar sentiments — Trump is simply desperate for attention and he’s struggling to find it anywhere else, aside from his own house, where people quite literally pay to see him.

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