Donald Trump Called For Boycott Of Coca Cola But CNN Report Says His Properties Are Still Serving It

The hypocrisy is strong with this one.

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Throughout his time in the public’s eye, Donald Trump has called for the boycott of more seemingly random things than I can even keep track of. Just recently, on the heels of Georgia’s new Jim Crow-style election laws, Trump has called for the boycott of several different companies due to their decision to speak out against the heinous new laws that restrict voter access — including Delta Airlines, the MLB, and even Coca-Cola.

But as we’ve come to learn over the years, Trump has a tendency to handle matters such as these with a “Do as I say, not as I do” approach.

Now that he’s no longer President of the United States, Donald Trump has fallen back on his old business, whose main focus, among other things, is hotels and hospitality. And guess what hotels and hospitality establishments generally serve to their guests? You guessed it, Coca-Cola products.


Coke, as I’m sure you know, is the manufacturer of a wide variety of beverages that are apparently pretty popular among Trump’s guests — not to mention, Trump himself, who’s known for his love of Diet Coke.

Given Trump’s boycott demands regarding the beverage company and the fact that he’s currently making his living in the hospitality industry, CNN thought they would do a little digging around and see if Donald Trump is “willing to put his money where his boycott calls are.”

Recently, scandal ensued after Trump was photographed by an aide with what appeared to be a bottle of the sugary soft drink he recently swore off sitting on his desk.  So, it already seems as though Donald Trump isn’t actually boycotting the soda on a personal level, despite his calls for all of America to drop the drink. But, Trump’s family business owns and operates a large number of hotels and establishments that serve refreshments, and it would be well within the ex-president’s power to extend his boycott calls into his own properties. But after a few CNN reporters did a little digging, it seems as though that’s not happening either.

“A CNN reporter on April 8 enjoyed a Diet Coke at the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C., the property that became a flagship and magnet for Trumpworld over the past four years,” CNN’s report reads. “A second CNN reporter sipped on a Diet Coke at the club bar at the Trump National Doral golf club in Miami before a speech by Rep. Matt Gaetz on April 9.”

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The report goes on:

And despite what the former president said, he doesn’t appear to have taken any action to stop vendors at properties that are actually named for him from serving Coca-Cola products. At Doral, the CNN reporter spotted a case of Diet Coke bottles opened and ready for use behind the eponymous Donald J. Trump ballroom. At the otherwise empty bar of DJT restaurant inside Trump’s Las Vegas hotel, a CNN reporter was served a Coke on April 14 without any hesitation. (In the souvenir shop nearby another CNN employee couldn’t help but notice a fridge stuffed with Coca-Cola products including not just the namesake brand, plus Sprite and Fanta, but also juices from its Minute-Maid line, right near a bunch of bottles of Trump wine.)
Staff at Trump golf clubs in New York, Charlotte and Washington D.C. reached by phone also said they were still serving Coke.”
CNN does note “It is possible that Trump properties can’t dump Coke because they are contractually obligated to offer it.”
CNN did reach out to the Trump Organization to ask if they would be dumping the offending Coca-Cola products from their properties amid Donald’s boycott calls, but unsurprisingly they never responded.
You can read the full report from CNN here.
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