Donald Trump’s Most Sycophantic Son Reportedly Implicated In The Election Coup Plot With Notorious MAGA Operative

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Here recently, ex-military intelligence officer and former Republican congressman from Virginia, Denver Riggleman, has dropped more than a few bombshell revelations on the world between his newly released book, The Breach, and his explosive interview with 60 Minutes. 

Riggleman formerly served as the senior technical adviser for the January 6 Committee, where he was responsible for overseeing a high-key data-driven operation for the House Select Committee that included tracking down phone records and various other pieces of digital evidence that aided the House Panel in their investigation into the deadly Capitol attack, as Donald Trump’s personal role in inciting the violence on that fateful day. Denver worked with the January 6th House Select Committee until April.

While the information coming from Denver has certainly been brutal for the scandal-ridden former president, much of it has shaped up to be damning for a couple of his kids as well.

Recently, we reported on the complicated web of communications data coming in and going out of the Trump White House, documented by Riggleman and his team, that allegedly implicated Donald’s eldest daughter, Ivanka, among many other top officials and allies in the former president’s administration.

But now, it seems Ivanka’s not alone in the hot water, as The Guardian has come out with a report on Riggleman’s book that serves to implicate Donald Trump’s eldest son and namesake, Don Jr., in the election coup scheme with staunch MAGA operative Roger Stone.

According to reporting, phone records have recently shown that Roger Stone was serving as the middle man between January 6th insurrectionist and key senior Republicans — such as the then-president’s oldest son.

The Guardian reports on Riggleman’s bombshell book:

The select committee was able to construct a detailed map of Stone’s contacts after obtaining the call detail records of Kristin Davis, also known as the Manhattan Madam, who was with Stone at the Willard hotel in Washington DC on the day before and the day of the Capitol attack.

And after investigators identified Stone’s number, the book says, they compiled an intriguing map: Stone called Tarrio both before and after January 6, and he called the former Oath Keepers chief Stewart Rhodes nine days after the riot. Both have since been charged with seditious conspiracy.

The number for Stone also connected to a number of prominent Republicans that the January 6 committee believes played different roles in Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, including the Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton, and Arthur Schwartz, an aide to Donald Trump Jr, Trump’s eldest son.”

Roger Stone infamously served as the go-between for Donald Trump’s campaign and Julian Assange, back in his 2016 presidential race. I suppose the old saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” certainly rings more true than ever in this situation, as Trump apparently decided to utilize Stone once again, for what was essentially the same purpose.

There’s no denying Stone’s involvement in the January 6th coup attempt. Almost every piece and part of the plot might as well have his face splattered across it in flashing neon lights — so much so that the upcoming J6 public hearing is set to focus almost solely on Stone’s involvement in the conspiracy theories, the unlawful plotting, and the fatal violence.

However, when it came to Trump’s eldest children, while the suspicious were certain thick and plentiful, it’s been difficult to pin down their exact involvement, if any, in their father’s plans and attempts to overthrow the United States government and steal a presidential election. That is… Until now.

Read the full report from The Guardian here.

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