Inside Sources Reportedly Say Melania Is “Still Angry” With Trump Over His Alleged Extramarital Fling With Infamous Adult Film Star

Apparently Melania is NOT happy with her husband.

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Former First Lady Melania Trump hasn’t breathed a single word with regard to the explosive hush money investigation raging against him in Manhattan — resulting from an infidelity scandal that dates all the way back to Donald’s alleged 2006 affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels — but according to sources with insider knowledge who spoke with People Maganize on the matter, even nearly two decades removed from the affair, Melania is still extremely pissed about it.

While an indictment from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is widely expected in the infamous hush money case, we have yet to see the corrupt, scandal-ridden former president hauled away in handcuffs for ordering his then-personal attorney and “fixer” to pay Stormy Daniels $130,000 in exchange for her silence in the weeks before the 2016 presidential election that Trump would go on to win, and frankly, we can’t say with any certainty whether we ever will. While the leaks and reports have been plentiful, there has been no firm confirmation that Donald Trump will be formally charged with a crime.

However, when it comes to the court of his 18 year and counting marriage to his third wife Melania, it seems his wife has already charged, tried, and found her husband guilty and continues to serve his personal punishment out on him nearly daily.

People cites “social sources” who say that while 52-year-old Melania Trump continues to live at their Mar-a-Lago resort with her ex-presidential husband, the former first lady remains furious with her husband for his alleged sexual affair with the porn star that Daniels claims took place when Melania was 4 months pregnant with the only child they share together, Barron Trump.

“She remains angry and doesn’t want to hear [the alleged hush money payment] mentioned,” one source told the magazine. “She is aware of who her husband is and keeps her life upbeat with her own family and a few close friends.”

Melania and Donald have long resided in separate living quarters at the Palm Beach compound turned post-White House home, but are regularly seen attending events and having dinner together. However, sources indicate that their friendliness in public is only surface deep, as the pair lives almost completely separate lives behind closed doors.

“They don’t spend that much time together,” the source told the magazine.

If things shake out in Manhattan as expected, Melania may ultimately no longer have to worry about keeping up appearances at all, as her husband’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, recently told the New York Daily News that the disgraced ex-president would surrender himself quietly to Manhattan authorities with no “standoff” should the indictment come to fruition.

Honestly, though, it doesn’t seem as though Donald’s wife is too terribly worried about it either way.

“Melania loves the beautiful weather and resort town atmosphere of Palm Beach,” the source told People Magazine. “She is happy when she is in Palm Beach. She has her son and other close family members. They are tribe-like and usually stick together. Despite what happens to Donald, she will be fine. She is well taken care of.”

I think that means she doesn’t need Donald Trump.

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