Eric Trump Appears To Get Caught Lying About How Much Taxpayers Are Being Charged For Rooms At His Dad’s Hotels, Claims It’s “Like 50 Bucks”

He's a bad liar like his dad.

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President Donald Trump’s son Eric insisted to the Washington Post that Trump Organization properties only charge taxpayers “50 bucks” a night for a room. There’s just one problem. There are no rooms for that particular price at any of Trump’s hotels or resorts.

Trump has charged taxpayers millions of dollars for the Secret Service to stay at his hotels, filling his own pockets with cash in the process. It’s an Emoluments Clause violation in addition to the case currently making its way through the court system that scored a recent victory in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The fact that Trump is enriching himself and his family off the backs of taxpayers is a source of outrage, but Eric Trump wants us all to believe that government officials, staffers and Secret Service are charged a mere $50 per night as if that should make us all feel better.

Only the math just doesn’t add up.

An investigation found that taxpayers have been charged at least over $1 million for these hotel stays over the course of Trump’s presidency, including $970,000 for 1,600 room rentals. Over the last two months alone, taxpayers have spent one-third of that cost.

According to the WaPo report:

“Since March, The Post has cataloged an additional $340,000 in such payments. They were almost all related to trips taken by Trump, his family, and his top officials. The government is not known to have paid for the rooms for Trump and his family members at his properties but it has paid for staffers and Secret Service agents to accompany the president.”

As for the price of the rooms:

“The lowest room rate was $141.66 per night, for each of the rooms in a four-room cottage in Bedminster,” the report states. “The highest rate was $650 per night for rooms at Mar-a-Lago.”

If Eric Trump thinks he can just pull a fast one on the American people, he’s going to have to do better than this — because math doesn’t lie unless the Trumps are the ones spitting out the numbers.

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