Estranged Wife Of Oath Keeper Leader Who Was Recently Indicted For Seditious Conspiracy Tells CNN He Is A “Dangerous Man” And “Complete Sociopath”

We kind of knew that already.

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Stewart Rhodes, the founder and leader of the Oath Keepers, was arrested and charged with seditious conspiracy alongside ten other members of his extreme right-wing group over politically motivated violence to prevent the certification of President Joe Biden that culminated in the Jan. 6 attack on our Capitol. And Rhodes’s estranged wife is reportedly pleased that her psycho ex-husband is behind bars. The Oath Keepers are a dangerous militia group formed after the U.S. elected our country’s first Black President, Barack Obama.

Rhodes was charged with seditious conspiracy in connection to the deadly Capitol attack. And his wife, Tasha Adams, who co-founded the group, is pretty happy that he’s behind bars. According to Business Insider, she describes Rhodes as a “complete sociopath.”

Tasha Adams said she was concerned about her family’s safety, so she was happy with his arrest: “I knew I lived in fear he might show up here. But the… just setting that weight down and knowing we were safe and my kids were safe and my kids’ school doesn’t have to worry, that was a relief I didn’t know existed.”

CNN’s John Berman asked Adams what threat she feels Rhodes is to the country at large, and she said, “He’s a dangerous man.”

She added, “He sees himself as a great leader, he almost has his own mythology of himself, and I think he almost made it come true as seeing himself as some sort of figure in history and it sort of happened. He’s a complete sociopath; he does not feel empathy for anyone around him at all.”

Adams went on to say that she has been talking to the House select committee investigating the deadly Capitol attack and said that she believed her husband “planned it very carefully.”

Adams has had a GoFundMe page set up for donations to divorce Rhodes. Following his arrest, she says: “Well well well…How the turn tables (sic). Now Stewart is afraid and can’t even go to the bathroom without permission (which is how I lived for years). He is living in fear; I’m thinking he probably doesn’t like that very much. Hopefully, he’ll stay in jail. But even if he gets bail- he won’t be able to travel. MY kids can feel safe, my kids’ school can feel safe, and I can request a divorce hearing without worrying about stirring him up. I’m so so happy- I’m crying.”

The Oath Keepers are batshit crazy.

The Oath Keepers in 2014 noted the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa on their website and questioned the Obama administration’s response. The militia group raised concerns that it could be used to justify medical martial law in the U.S. Rhodes wears an eye patch. He dropped a gun while working as a firearm instructor and lost his eye. Rhodes went from being a Yale law school graduate to being an anti-government extremist — and now, he might spend the rest of his life in prison after being charged with seditious conspiracy, a rarely-used Civil War-era statute reserved for only the most serious of political criminals.

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