Someone Posted A Picture Of Trump With What Appears To Be An Unflattering Make-Up Line On His Face

Is...his face melting?

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There is a lot of speculation as to why Donald Trump has orange skin, but it remains a mystery. In the book former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman penned, she suggested that the former president uses a tanning bed, and that adds to his orange glow. One would think there would be some sort of make-up that would work for tanning bed enthusiasts, but alas, as Trump proves, cosmetics only make a bizarre shade of skin only worse.

Members of the House Judiciary Committee were debating articles of impeachment that accused Trump of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress so perhaps, that’s why he appeared to be taking a big boy poop in his massive pants at the White House while attending the traditional Congress Ball with Democratic lawmakers joining in the event. Trump’s face appears to be melting and don’t even get me started about his hair.

Tell me I’m wrong:

Social media users were quick to react.

People in the public eye have makeup artists do their magic so when the cameras are rolling, they won’t be caught looking freakish in a published photograph, but that didn’t work for Trump, apparently. I wouldn’t usually mock someone’s appearance, but after Trump has repeatedly demeaned the appearance of so many women, he set a standard for placing the bar pretty low. We’re only taking his lead. Also, karma is a thing, and it’s spelled: haha, fuck you!

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591 points