Even Trump’s Surgeon General Has Seemingly Had Enough Of Ron DeSantis, Criticizes FL Governor For “Letting Politics Get In The Way Of Protecting Our Youth”

You know it's bad when Trump's people are calling you out.

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Florida governor Ron DeSantis has been the center of quite a lot of controversy here lately as the Delta variant of COVID-19 sets up shop in his state with little to no resistance from the local government. Despite the fact that his constituents are becoming infected and even dying at an alarming rate (children included this go-around), DeSantis’ only concern appears o be the perception of “freedom” in his southern state. So much “freedom” in fact, that superintendents aren’t even being given the freedom to make decisions for their school districts’ safety under threat of losing their salaries.

The situation between Florida’s citizens and their MAGA-loving governor has gotten so severe, that even experts hailing from the actual Trump administration can’t take it anymore.

Trump administration Surgeon General Jerome Adams made an appearance on CBS’s This Morning, where he criticized the Trump-loving GOP governor for his heinous actions amid the state’s catastrophic Delta variant outbreak — ultimately lambasting Ron for banning mask mandates while his people get sick and die.

Adams had this to say about DeSantis’ recent actions:

As a physician, as a public health expert, it is deeply troubling that it seems we’re letting politics get in the way of protecting our youth. As a father, I quite frankly think it’s unconscionable. I really do. I think you can’t tie the hands of school and public health officials based on what you perceive to be the reality when your public health officials are telling you they need these tools.”

Jerome went on to publicly call on the American people to get their vaccination against COVID-19 and pleaded that they continue to mask up. He added that people should pay close attention to the coronavirus numbers in their area “so that you can make an informed decision even if the politicians out there are telling you they won’t let it be mandated.”

Adams doubled down on Twitter just a few hours later with a thread from a concerned parent of a child with Type 1 diabetes.

“Are parents and officials really okay with the potential trade-off of this girl’s life to alleviate (what is in nit all, but most cases) the mild & temporary discomfort of another student, or to satisfy the righteous indignation of their parents?” he wrote.

Jerome went on to point out that if children themselves were presented with the choice between wearing a mask or potentially harming their fellow classmates, friends, and teachers, they would almost undoubtedly choose to mask up, without a second thought.

When something like this is coming from a literal Trump administration alumni, of all people, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what Ron DeSantis is doing is beyond messed up.

You can watch the CBS clip here:

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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