Explosive Report Reveals Trump Sent A Message To AG Merrick Garland Ahead Of His Brutal Press Conference, And It’s Even More Pathetic Than You Can Imagine

He's scared out of his mind.

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As I’m sure you’re well aware by now, Trump is throwing an absolute hissy fit over the recent FBI search warrant raid at his Mar-a-Lago compound that he now calls home. At this point, his Truth Social profile quite literally reads like a “Dear Diary” of whining, complaints, and pure fear. But according to new reporting from Business Insider, the ex-president’s mood regarding the search wasn’t always this sour. Apparently, when the FBI first showed up at his compound, the former guy was “upbeat” and tickled pink about the raid, because he evidently fully believed that the search warrant was the biggest “overreach” in FBI history, and would surely serve to get him elected to the White House again when the time came.

Insider reports:

‘He feels it’s a political coup for him,’ one friend who had spoken with the former president multiple times told The Post, speaking under the condition of anonymity. Trump believed the raid would cause Republicans to rally around him, the report says, and would create more support for a potential presidential bid in 2024.

But his elation didn’t last long at all:

While Republicans initially spoke out strongly against the raid, their public support became more muted when records unsealed on Friday revealed that the FBI had seized 11 sets of classified documents from Mar-a-Lago. The Washington Post reported that the bureau searched for classified documents about nuclear weapons.

Reports suggest Republicans are now struggling to respond to the revelations, and some Trump allies are starting to distance themselves.”

Upon realizing that this was no laughing matter, Trump’s mood rapidly began to darken as the fear, realization, and unchecked panic set in. In fact, by the end of last week, the ex-president was apparently so wracked with anxiety that he personally had a message delivered to Attorney General Merrick Garland, just ahead of his bombshell press conference.

The New York Times reports:

Shortly before Mr. Garland made the announcement, a person close to Mr. Trump reached out to a Justice Department official to pass along a message from the former president to the attorney general. Mr. Trump wanted Mr. Garland to know that he had been checking in with people around the country and found them to be enraged by the search. ‘The country is on fire’ was the message that Mr. Trump wanted conveyed, according to a person familiar with the exchange. ‘What can I do to reduce the heat?'”

They’re coming for you, Donald. Plain and simple. And no amount of pathetic messages will stop this.

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