Florida Official Reportedly Told Offices To Disregard DeSantis’ Order To Lower Flags In Rush Limbaugh’s Honor: “We Will Not Celebrate Hate Speech, Bigotry, And Division”

Take that, DeSantis.

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Recently we reported that Trump-loving, Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ordered flags to be flown at half staff in honor of the late racist trash, Rush Limbaugh, who died from complications with lung cancer last week.

However, one Florida official is having absolutely no part of that nonsense.

Democratic Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried announced today that she would be instructing her offices to “disregard” DeSantis’ order regarding the lowering of the flags to commemorate the now deceased right-wing talk show host.


In a public statement released today, Fried said, “Lowering to half-staff the flag of the United States of America is a sacred honor that pays respect to fallen heroes and patriots. It is not a partisan political tool. Therefore, I will notify all state offices under my direction to disregard the Governor’s forthcoming order to lower flags for Mr. Limbaugh – because we will not celebrate hate speech, bigotry, and division.”

“Lowering the flag should always reflect unity, not division, and raising our standards, not lowering them,” the Agriculture Commissioner added. “Our flags will remain flying high to celebrate the American values of diversity, inclusion, and respect for all.”

Fried was elected to her official position in the state of Florida independently of DeSantis and has served as a frequent and vibrant critic of the Republican, right-wing governor of the state.

Many right-wingers have been vocal with their support for the late talk show host, but the level of criticism for Limbaugh and all that he stood for has been unmatched. Rush Limbaugh dedicated his life to tearing others down — referring to the then-First Daughter Chelsea Clinton as a dog, cheering the deaths of AIDS victims, and calling Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” after she testified in favor of requiring health insurance companies to cover the cost of birth control.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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