Former Insider Claimed Trump Personally Paid For His Mistresses To Have Abortions: “Housekeeper Refused And Had His Baby And Fled To Mexico”


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Donald Trump has long been extra angry at the “fake news” media.

In an old tweet, he all but demanded that the “Lamestream Media” be “forced to reveal sources” so that Americans (meaning him) could trust what’s being reported to the public — claiming that many media outlets are fabricating their sources when they put together unflattering stories against him.

The whole Twitter outburst was just a dumpster fire to the nth degree, and one former Trump insider wasn’t having it.

Noel Casler, a former employee on Trump’s reality TV show The Apprentice — who we cover here often thanks to all his bombshells regarding the guy that “runs” our nation — took to his Twitter account to issue a response to Donald’s hissy fit with yet another massive bombshell against the president that we’ve come to expect from the Trump employee-turned stand up comedian.

And let me just warn you, this one is the doozy of all doozies, folks.

But it was Casler’s follow up tweet that really caught our attention this time, in which he alleged that Donald has an illegitimate child somewhere in Mexico after he impregnated a housekeeper and she refused to abort like other mistresses had been forced to do by the man that would later become the president of the United States.

As I point out with all of these Casler revelations, and Casler himself even inadvertently points out, it’s nearly impossible to confirm the legitimacy of these claims.

However, it’s worth noting that this is far from the first time an allegation regarding Donnie and his habit of abortions has been raised. I’m not saying there’s an illegitimate Trump child floating around out there. I’m just saying it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if there were.

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