Former Official Reveals Trump Allegedly Wanted To Shut Down Every Single US Embassy In Africa

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Former Trump administration Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has revealed a lot in his tell-all book, A Sacred Oath: Memoirs of a Secretary of Defense During Extraordinary Times, that’s finally out on shelves today, as media outlets have spent the past few weeks dissecting all of the bombshell revelations that have come out just in the book’s excerpts alone.

But with the intensity and outrageousness of all that we’ve learned over the past several days, it seems one key fact about Donald Trump has been somewhat overlooked. While it’s certainly true that Esper’s revelations have highlighted the unhinged nature of the ex-president’s mental state, as well as the fragility of his ego temper, it also sheds a disturbing new light on the former leader of the United State’s blatant racism.

Esper’s tell-all has exposed some sickening racist moves and suggestions on the former president’s part — including a massive temper tantrum he pitched on his own vice president and other White House and military officials when they would not go along with his suggestion that they shoot protesters “in the legs or something” amid the nationwide protests following George Floyd’s murder, and Trump’s unhinged suggestion to launch a missile strike against Mexico and simply pretend that the US wasn’t responsible for it.

Now, Rolling Stone reports on another excerpt from A Sacred Oath, in which the former Pentagon Chief alleges that then-President Trump wanted to completely shut down every single US embassy in Africa.

“Shut down the embassies in Africa,” Esper says Trump told him, noting that the then-president regularly made this suggestion. “Bring our people [U.S. diplomats] home.”

Esper’s claims in his new tell-all echo similar Trump sentiments exposed by his former personal attorney and self-described “fixer” Michael Cohen, who testified under oath, as well as in his own tell-all memoir, that Trump had once personally asked him to name a single country run by a Black leader that wasn’t a “shithole.” Back in 2018, during a debate on immigration, Trump infamously referred to African nations as “shithole countries.”

Add that to the fact that Trump largely campaigned on the racist birther notion that former President Barack Obama was actually born in Africa, during his 2016 campaign.

Esper writes in A Sacred Oath that he was constantly attempting to challenge Trump on this and various other “outlandish” notions with “facts, data, and arguments,” but it only served to send the president into an anger-fueled tailspin.

During an interview with 60 Minutes, the former Trump official admitted, “It seemed every few weeks something like this would come up and we would have to swat him down.”

Recently, 60 Minutes actually sent the ex-president a list of questions regarding Esper’s numerous claims. Trump unsurprisingly responded to almost all of them by labeling it all “fake news.” However, he had a noticeably different response to their question about the allegations concerning a suggesting missile strike against Mexico, instead writing “no comment” in response.

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