TX Elementary School Teacher Under Fire After Allegedly Verbally Attacking Students For Using God’s Name In Vain Before Shouting The N-Word In Front Of Children

This is sickening.

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As if there wasn’t enough of this sort of thing happening these days, local Fox 4 News now reports that one Arlington, Texas substitute elementary school teacher is under serious fire after they were busted for verbally attacking students and shouting the N-word at them, after they became offended over a child using God’s name in vain by saying, “oh my God” in the classroom.

Macy Jenkins reports for the outlet, “One mother, who didn’t want FOX 4 to use her name, says her son told her after school on Friday. She says the boy was not in the classroom during the interaction but relayed to her what his friends who were there witnessed. FOX 4 spoke with a Swift Elementary school teacher off-camera who also did not want her name used. She says she happened to be in the hallway Friday afternoon when she noticed a commotion from a nearby classroom.”

The report goes on to note, “‘One of the kids in the class blurted out ‘Oh My God!’ And he replied, ‘Don’t say that.’ And they were like, ‘Why can’t we say oh my God?’ And he said, ‘That’s using Jesus’ name in vain,’’ the mom said. They also told FOX 4 that’s when the substitute told the kids, ‘It would be like me saying the n-word.’ The teacher who stepped in to intervene says after hearing from the students, she approached the substitute who she says then added, ‘yes I said n***er, and I’ll say it again.'”

Arlington ISD has since fired the substitute teacher, according to Fox 4 News. In a statement on the matter, the district said, “The district does not condone the use of any offensive, derogatory or inappropriate language in educational learning environments.”

To say this is getting out of hand would be an understatement at this point.

See the reporting from Fox 4 News here:

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