Former Prosecutor Seemingly Issues Dire Warning To Matt Gaetz, Says He Needs To Lawyer Up: “He Is Perilously Close To Incriminating Himself”

Keep talking, dude.

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Rep. Matt Gaetz has tried to defend himself over allegations of sex trafficking by saying he was the target of an extortion plot. However, his explanation was like going down a rabbit hole, so much so that far right-wing Fox News host Tucker Carlson didn’t appear to be buying with the Florida Republican was selling. Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance has some advice for the MAGA congressman: lawyer up.

The former federal prosecutor is warning Gaetz that he might want to shut the fuck up about the investigation he’s facing into allegations of sexual misconduct with a 17-year-old girl.

“The one thing that’s clear, the only certain takeaway I have from this, is that the congressman needs a lawyer,” former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance said on Wednesday during MSNBC’s “The ReidOut.”


“The Congressman needs a lawyer,” she said. “He needs to have someone giving him legal advice because he is perilously close to incriminating himself, conceding some of the elements of potential crimes. And just running his mouth in a way that no one who’s the subject of a federal investigation should be doing.”


Maybe Gaetz should take her advice, not that he’s one to keep his trap shut. According to The Daily Beast, the Florida Republican doesn’t have many friends on his side of the aisle. And the more reports that come out, the worse it looks for Gaetz.

“More than a half-dozen lawmakers have spoken to these reporters about his love of alcohol and illegal drugs, as well as his proclivity for younger women,” the report states. “It’s well-known among Republican lawmakers that Gaetz was dating a college student—one over the age of consent—in 2018. She came to Washington as an intern.”

“One former GOP staffer said Wednesday that their office had an informal rule to not allow their member to appear next to Gaetz during TV hits, fearful of the inevitable scandal that would come out one day,” the report adds.

It appears that Republicans knew that a scandal would break involving Gaetz. The congressman doesn’t seem to realize that when you’re in a hole, you’re supposed to stop digging.

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