Former Trump Aide Predicts Dozens Of Republicans Are About To Turn On POTUS

We can only hope.

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According to former Trump aide Anthony Scaramucci, who admittedly only lasted 10 days within the Trump administration before getting the boot from Donnie, Trump’s recent bad days are about to get a whole lot worse.

As we’re all well aware, Donald had what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi referred to as a “meltdown” during a White House meeting regarding the dire situation currently taking place in Syria with members of Congress yesterday that ultimately had to be cut very short after Donald dissolved into name-calling. House Speaker Pelosi stated that the meeting simply could not progress because a very “shaken up” Trump “was just not relating to the reality of it.”

Trump’s former White House communications director, during a segment on CNN last night, stated that Trump has been taking a good hard look at his future “and the future does not look good for him.”

“As more facts unfold about Syria, as more facts unfold about the people that have been arrested recently, and the conjoinment of all those issues over there, it’s going to be devastating for the president,” Scaramucci explained before going on to predict that droves of Republican Senators would soon be turning their back on Donald Trump in an effort to finally push him out of the presidency.

“The criminal activity will be so great that the GOP, and there will be 20-plus senators who’ll say, ‘OK, I can’t take this anymore,’” Anthony claimed.

It seems that, if Scaramucci is correct in his predictions, Donald will soon find himself in the same shoes as Richard Nixon was before him — a room full of Senators telling him to step down or they’ll make him step down.

“That will eventually happen,” the former Trump aide stated. “And that’s the reason why he’s pressurized.”

Scaramucci tried to stick it out as a Trump supporter even after Donald canned him back in 2017. However, over this past summer, Anthony has managed to come one of the biggest Trump detractors in the public eye these days.

“The American president is a traitor to the United States,” the former supporter stated during a CNN segment earlier this month. “He is literally the most un-American president that we’ve had, probably since Andrew Johnson.”

Let’s just hope he’s right about this.

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