Fox And Friends Appears To Try And Sway Americans From Watching “Irrelevant, Boring Impeachment Hearings” As Next Round Quickly Approaches

The only thing boring and irrelevant here is your show.

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The first batch of public impeachment hearings before the House Intelligence Committee is officially in the books — and frankly, they didn’t serve Donald Trump well.

Witness after witness appeared before the committee as well as the American public and testified under oath to the transgressions they witnessed by and under the order of the United States president.

As we head into this week, the next round of hearings, this time before the House Judiciary Committee, are set to move forward. Trump was invited to participate in this portion of the proceedings, as he’s been whining and complaining to do since the very beginning of the inquiry, but ultimately formally turned the invitation down, later taking to his Twitter account to claim he’s sitting it out because he wasn’t allowed multiple attorneys.

Now it seems that his beloved Fox News Network is attempting to do him a solid by trying to sway the American public away from watching the next round of public impeachment hearings that are sure to be just as embarrassing for Trump.

During a Fox & Friends segment this morning, the hosts made multiple attempts to convince their viewers that the hearings would be no more than boring drivel and falsely claimed that Americans all across the nation weren’t even interested in the proceedings as they’d rather be catching up on Christmas shopping.

“It’s going to be like a lecture,” Fox co-host Brian Kilmeade proclaimed, pointing out that the witnesses would consist of lawyers and historians. “If you were bored by the last one, you’re gonna be really bored by this one.”

Fox News Business’ Stuart Varney later went on to join the crew on the couch and once again harp on how “boring” the hearings will be.

“I just want to point out the contrast here. You’ve got a booming Trump economy, terrific holiday sales, and what’ve we got in Washington DC? These boring hearings about impeachment, increasingly irrelevant and ignored by people who are getting on with their lives,” Varney stated. “I mean, don’t you find this ridiculous?”

If they consider bribery, extortion, obstruction, and witness intimidation “boring” I’d love to see what their idea of exciting is.

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