Fox Host Blasts Trump For “Trying To Cancel Journalists Based On Reporting He Doesn’t Like”

We're sure Trump will take this in a thoughtful manner.

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After bashing The Atlantic over its bombshell report which said Trump has disparaged military members who died in service to this country, Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin confirmed the allegations, saying in a lengthy Twitter thread that she had confirmed Trump demeaned veterans; didn’t want to honor the dead at the Aisne-Marne Cemetery. She further said that Trump did not want to lower flags after the death of Sen. John McCain. The story has also been independently confirmed by the Associated Press, CNN, and the Washington Post.

In a late-night Friday tweet, Trump lashed out at Griffin and claimed her reporting had been “refuted by many witnesses.” Trump — who claims to be against ‘cancel culture’ — also said that “Jennifer Griffin should be fired for this kind of reporting.”

Fox News host Howard Kurtz on Sunday defended Griffin and tore into Trump for calling to get her fired.

“President Trump has called for Jennifer Griffin to be fired,” Kurtz said. “This is one of the fairest, most conscientious reporters on the planet, a former war correspondent, has done this throughout administrations. And she wasn’t offering an opinion. She was doing her job.”

“It was fine for the president to attack the story,” Kurtz added. “But he really needs trying to stop trying to cancel journalists based on reporting he doesn’t like.”


Some of Griffin’s other colleagues came to her defense on Twitter.

President IMAX is the king of cancel culture when something hurts his little feelings. We’ve all seen this play out before. In November, though, we can cancel Donald Trump.

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