Fox Host Laura Ingraham Fires Off On Trump Lawyer: “You Don’t Deserve To Win If You’re That Stupid”

Enough is enough.

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If there’s anything the Trump crowd is super butthurt about, it’s the fact that Donnie lost the state of Georgia when it flipped blue for Biden in the 2020 presidential election. Don’t get me wrong, they’re super jaded about the results of the entire election as a whole — something they’ve made crystal clear through their desperate lawsuits and litigation — but Georgia’s unexpected flip is really rubbing them the wrong way.

Typically, the folks over at Fox News have been staunch supporters of Donald Trump and all his nonsensical narratives. However, it seems as though even they are getting tired of it all.

Primetime Fox anchor Laura Ingraham sat down with current Georgia Senator David Perdue, who’s set to head into a runoff election next month, to talk about what the GOP Senators should do to win some votes back in order to keep control of the Senate. And surprisingly enough, even the sycophantic Ingraham called some ridiculousness out for what it was during the segment.


“What do you say to those suburbanites?” Laura questioned the Senator. “There’s a lot of women in the Atlanta suburbs, especially those who maybe don’t like Donald Trump’s style. They like the results of the policies, but they didn’t like his style. What you say now to them, given what’s at stake on January 5th?”

“We talked to a lot of them in the last several years actually, particularly this year. They want to know when to get their lives back to normal,” Perdue responded. “Worried about the safety of their kids, neighborhoods, so forth. A lot of people who voted maybe voted against Trump for whatever reason, we think may be coming back to us because they see the value of split ticket.”

The Fox host then geared the conversation towards the turmoil that’s been bubbling in the GOP party in recent weeks, asking the Senator if he thinks Republican voters need to start seeing a united party.

In a tone that was mocking on Trump lawyers Sidney Powell and Lin Wood who recently baseless claimed that Georgia is headed for “another rigged election”,” Ingraham said, seemingly aimed directly at the attorneys, “Do the suburbanites need a reunited Republican party or do they need to people running around saying ‘Oh don’t vote and January 5th because that would be perpetuating a corrupt process? When I heard that the other day I almost fell out of my chair. You almost don’t deserve to win if you’re that stupid, I’m sorry.”

I suppose that even the likes of Fox News host Laura Ingraham have a stupidity limit. Enough is enough.

You can watch the clip here:

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