“Frozen” Melania Trump Finally Made A Public Appearance With Her Husband But Body Language Expert Suggested Everything Wasn’t What It Seemed

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It’s been a while since Melania Trump was spotted out and about with her scandal-plagued, ex-presidential husband, as many reports have floated through the media since their White House departure, indicating that Donald’s wife is just over the whole thing.

Finally, the former first lady recently made a public appearance alongside her husband of nearly 20 years and, while everything seemed copacetic enough on the surface, a body language expert has already spoken out to suggest that everything is not as it seems after all.

On the eve of his New York civil fraud judgment deadline, Donald Trump made an appearance at his West Palm Beach golf club, where he was presented with two trophies by golfing legend Jack Nicklaus, one for the Club Championship and the other for the Senior Club Championship — something Donald got brutally roasted for bragging about on social media, considering he literally owns the entire mess.

But nevertheless, apparently, the honor was high enough for Melania to tag along as her husband received his accolades.

At first glance, Donald’s 55-year-old wife appeared happy enough to be there. Not thrilled, by any means, but frankly, I can’t recall a single time I’ve ever seen Melania Trump looking thrilled about anything. She even stood behind her husband as he received his awards.

However, a body language expert spoke with The Mirror following Melania’s public appearance and said that the “sphinx-like” and “frozen” former first lady appeared to be putting on a bit of a show in an attempt to make it appear as though there was no “tension” between herself and her husband, who’s currently on trial in several different cases, including the one where he cheated on her with a porn star and then tried to pay her off.

Body language expert Judi James explained: “Melania appears to be back in her supportive role here, leaning in to listen like a friend and confidante as Trump whispers some words in her ear. The only problem is that she still appears to be frozen in exactly the same pose when he is sitting further apart from her and not exchanging any words.”

“Melania’s body language works though and is photogenic in her signature sphinx-like way as it appears to deny the idea of any stress, pressure, or tension behind the scenes,” James said.

Trump, she added, appeared to be in a “familiar mode” on the heels of his golf victories, looking “as buoyed up and fired up by a golfing ‘win’ as he is a political one.”

“Winning does seem to be his own personal fuel in terms of energy, resilience, and enthusiasm.”

As he spoke to the gathered crowd, James noted the ex-president appeared “in fine form still,” as he was seen “building into what looks like a more show-boating mood” as he spoke, appearing to “crack and share a joke.”

When flanked next to Nicklaus, she described Trump as looking “as alpha as ever,” noting that he was “waiting with his chest puffed and his arms straight by his side.”

However, she did go on to note that he was spotted “flinging his arms out in a gesture of appreciation and even performing a cheek kiss, which is not part of his usual repertoire.”

Considering that all of this went down the evening before his fraud deadline came due (which turned out to be slashed into a fraction by a judge who did him a suspicious solid just hours before it all came to a head) Judi did note: “From the back, walking through the room, Trump might appear a little weary, patting other guests but easing his way through rather than pushing as though no longer expecting the crowds to part for him.”

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