Georgia Senator David Perdue Reportedly Pushed Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin To Give Wealthy Sports Owners A Generous Tax Break

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Elected officials are supposed to govern for the people, they are tasked with representing us and creating legislation that benefits the masses, but for too many (usually Republican) officials that isn’t the case. They govern for themselves, doing whatever they can to get themselves into and keep themselves in office. They govern for their wealthy donors in an almost pay-for-play corrupt system that the majority of actual voters do not want. This exact corruption seems to be what Republican Senator David Perdue of Georgia is embroiled in, according to an undisclosed letter obtained by ProPublica.

The publication is claiming that Senator Perdue pushed Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to give insanely wealthy sports team owners a tax break. Donald Trump’s 2017 tax bill that cut taxes in various ways for the rich had its specifics penned by Mnuchin. So it is suspicious, to say the least, that Perdue would write this letter pushing for this odd tax break for sports team owners — except it isn’t so strange all when you really look into it. These senatorial suggestions are usually brought about by multiple senators dealing with more important issues, so you have to ask yourself, why would Perdue send this letter for such a specific tax cut? Simple, sports teams make up some of Perdue’s largest donors.

Ultimately the Treasury declined the revision, but if the regulation had been changed it would have helped the people that paid over $425,000 for Purdue’s campaign immensely. The corruption rabbit hole goes deeper still, though, considering one of the Perdue donors in the realm of the sports tax cut request is none other than Kelly Loeffler.

Loeffler remains a co-owner of the Atlanta Dream basketball team and together with her husband has given about $70,000 in campaign contributions to Perdue. Both Perdue and Loeffler are headed to senatorial runoff elections in January. Let this be a reminder that we don’t have to elect officials that will go above and beyond to benefit themselves and the wealthy few that fuel their campaigns. Because that is who they govern for, that is where their vote lies, not with the people of the state that elected them, but with their donors.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/Defense Writers Group Breakfast with Senator Perdue, under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license

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