Watch As McEnany Still Refuses To Admit That Trump Lost, Wouldn’t Call On Reporter Kaitlan Collins And Called Her An “Activist”

Oh, this poor punkin'.

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Donald Trump has been pulling out all the stops to overturn the election results after President-elect Joe Biden defeated him. The president even summoned Michigan’s Republican legislative leaders to the White House for a meeting Friday in what one newspaper rightfully described it as an attempted coup. At this point, it’s just embarrassing, but it’s also dangerous as the narcissistic president shreds the very fabric of our democracy. Trump has tried recounts and unsuccessful legal maneuvers, all without providing a shred of evidence to prove that widespread voter fraud exists (It does not exist). Trump is clinging to power, probably to stay in office rather than face the consequences of his crimes.

So, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany came to the podium but only answered a few questions. And the most important question was presented by Playboy magazine’s Brian Karem, who asked point-blank, “When will you admit you lost?” And that happened just before she shot a snide remark at CNN’s Kaitlan Collins.

Cat got your tongue, Kayleigh?

Karem went on to ask McEnany is she understands “the definition of sedition?”

Someone had to ask that question; after all, Trump is now an unwanted houseguest in the White House. Of course, McEnany tried to demean Kaitlan Collins when she asked a question.


The question was a simple one:

And this:

As Collins told McEnany, you’re “not going your job.” A White House press secretary is supposed to take questions from reporters. It’s literally her job. And a president that lost an election should be packing his shit up to move in January instead of falsely tweeting that he won. But here we are — what a time to be alive.

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