Giuliani Reportedly Spent Nearly A Week Trying To Dodge Dominion Representatives Who Served Him With A $1.3 Billion Lawsuit

This is incredible.

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Until recently, Rudy Giuliani served as Donald Trump’s personal attorney, but the former president let him go. Now the former New York City mayor is in a massive amount of trouble with Dominion Voting Systems after he helped spread the Big Lie that led to the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection. According to the Daily News, Giuliani spent a week trying to dodge Dominion’s representatives, who were charged with serving him the company’s $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit. I guess this is what happens when you put everything on the line for someone like Donald J. Trump. As it happens, trying to overturn the election results by defaming a company can get you in a lot of trouble. Like, over a billion dollars worth of trouble.

“Dominion hired the process servers to hand Giuliani its mammoth 107-page lawsuit after the former mayor ignored requests to simply accept it via email, the source said,” the report states. “The voting machine company claims Giuliani destroyed its reputation by knowingly spreading lies that it helped steal the election for President Biden.”

“After not responding to requests to waive service, Mr. Giuliani evaded in-person service of process for nearly a week. It took numerous attempts, at both his home and office, before we were able to successfully serve Mr. Giuliani on February 10. Mr. Giuliani’s repeated false claims about Dominion have been immeasurably damaging; this service of process is one more step forward in our pursuit of justice,” attorney for Dominion Tom Clare said.


Giuliani previously said he welcomed the lawsuit because it would allow him to investigate the company’s history and finances. Still, from the report, it appears that Rudy wasn’t too happy about the suit, and went to a great extent to avoid being served.

This would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

“A doorman, knowing process servers were looking for Giuliani, locked the door to the building whenever the former mayor entered the lobby,” the report states. “On Feb. 7, a pair of process servers and Giuliani got into an awkward standoff during a nasty winter storm. That morning, the doorman to the building waved to a Ford Explorer SUV parked down the street. Giuliani got in the passenger seat and closed the SUV door as a process server lunged forward with a bag full of documents.”

And that’s when the doorman jabbed his umbrella into the SUV door where the lawsuit was lodged. The report says that the driver and doorman pulled the bag of legal documents, allowing Giuliani to close the SUV door. The process server then “left the bag in front of Giuliani’s building, which the doorman had locked yet again.”

“These documents now belong to Giuliani,” the process server insisted. The process server then saw a maintenance worker throw the bag of legal documents in a trash can on the street, so they retrieved the legal documents and continued to pursue Rudy — you know, the guy that supposedly welcomed the lawsuit.

Giuliani avoided the process server for two days at his office or apartment building, and his staff ignored messages to set up an appointment to hand over the suit. The report states that his driver went as far as to go through a red light while dodging the process server, but then,  on Feb. 10, Giuliani’s assistant accepted service on his behalf. Rudy was finally served.

You can read the full report here.

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