GOP Stooge Lauren Boebert Tried To Compare Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki To Trump’s Kayleigh McEnany And It Backfired So Hard We Were Seriously Almost Embarrassed For Her

That was just downright hilarious!

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One of the GOP’s finest stooges and Marjorie Taylor Greene’s spirit twin, Colorado House Rep. Lauren Boebert, effectively got her ass handed to her so badly on social media recently that we were genuinely almost embarrassed for her after she made a sorry-ass attempt at drawing a comparison between President Biden’s (now outgoing) White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, and her Trump-era predecessor Kayleigh McEnany.

Boebert’s comically ridiculous attempt at some sort of “gotcha” moment that only served to get her buried in mockery came as a result of her reacting to recent reports that claim Psaki will be leaving her post in the Biden administration soon and taking a position on MSNBC.

As I’m sure you can imagine, Lauren’s stilted comparison went over about like a ton of bricks for both herself and for McEnany — as Americans wasted absolutely no time in reminding the GOP darling of the Trump-era press secretary’s laughable promise to reporters that she “would never lie.”

In a post on Twitter, Boebert wrote, “The only thing Jen Psaki did as press secretary was prove to America how much better Kayleigh McEnany was.”

The mockery was deep, plentiful, and instantaneous:

That was almost painful, lady.

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