Trump And His Family Company Reportedly Stand Accused Of Hiding A Key Witness In Assault Lawsuit Who Could Help Show Trump Lied

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Ex-President Donald Trump and his family company, the Trump Organization, are currently embroiled in so many investigations and lawsuits that it’s frankly hard to keep up with them all at this point. And, with that being said, it’s certainly easy for some of the perceived “smaller” cases to get swept under the rug and out of the limelight.

Take the lawsuit relating to a 2015 incident, in which a protester claimed that Donald Trump’s Trump Organization head of security, Keith Schiller, assaulted him during a demonstration outside of Trump’s NY building. While the suit seems like small fries in comparison to everything else that’s currently raging against the corrupt former president, a recent report from the Daily Beast is now revealing that the former guy has behaved just as shadily with regard to this seemingly “minor” lawsuit as he has everything else in his life.

According to the Beast, lawyers now believe that none other than Trump’s former fixer and personal attorney Michael Cohen was present in the room when Donald Trump ordered his security team to assault the protesters outside his building.

This development is an absolutely crucial one as, if true, it would mean that Donald Trump blatantly lied while under oath during his videotaped, closed-door testimony in October of last year. It would also mean that Keith Schiller also lied when he sat for a similar disposition by attorneys for the protesters alleging assault.

Much like so many other investigations and lawsuits, this suit was put on hold during the time Donald Trump remained protected by the powers of the US presidency. But now that Trump has been evicted from the White House, and the trial is just a matter of weeks away, attorneys for the protesters have seemingly discovered the potential key witness that Donald and his company allegedly tried to keep hidden.

Benjamin N. Dictor wrote in a recent court filing that the Trump Organization “would have been aware that Mr. Cohen had relevant information and was a potential witness for nearly seven years before he came forward to [us] on his own.” He explained that the ex-president’s company “failed to disclose this or identify Mr. Cohen as a person with relevant information at any point.”

Trump and his legal team are, of course, already pushing back, saying they were “ambushed” by the sudden inclusion of Cohen, calling the ex-president’s former personal attorney and fixer “a disgraced attorney and convicted felon” and “a convicted perjurer” who maintains a “well-documented vendetta” against Donald Trump.

Dictor went on to write in an affidavit “Mr. Cohen’s description of the events that he observed on September 3, 2015 is not only additional direct proof of Trump’s control and management of his security personnel, it also directly contradicts and would therefore serve as rebuttal to the testimony of Defendants Trump and Schiller.”

Donald Trump denied this during his sworn testimony in October.

You can read the full bombshell report from The Daily Beast here.

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