GOP Strategist: “If Donald Trump’s Told Tomorrow That ‘You Have To Feed Melania To Dogs,’ He Would Do It” To Win In November

Watch your back, Mel.

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Former Republican political strategist Rick Wilson isn’t exactly besties with Donald Trump. Instead, Wilson is part of the Never Trump movement that has continued to grow while the president continues to flail in not only polls but in his mental capacity to hold office. Wilson has previously accused the president of “historic treason” and said that people would “piss on” Donald Trump’s grave forever. There’s going to be a long line, Rick.

On his New Abnormal podcast for the Daily Beast with co-host Molly Jong-Fast, Wilson tossed out a couple of claims to show how much Trump wants to stay in office and highlighted the president’s desperation. Wilson said that if Trump was told he had to “personally kill” Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and feed his wife Melania “to the dogs” to win in November, he would do it.

And guys, loyalty is a one-way street with Trump, so it doesn’t seem far-fetched.

“I’m most worried about Trump-world on a contested Election Day,” Wilson said. “If Joe Biden wins the Electoral College by fewer than 40 votes of Donald Trump declaring ‘the election has been stolen from me.'”

Trump has, for the record, already dropped suggestions that the election will be “rigged.”

“I also have an honest and well-placed concern that Bill Barr is going to send out the little green men, and Trump will mobilize the National Guard in the states and try and seize ballot boxes,” Wilson continued. “They are already engaged in a widespread legal effort to stop early voting, to stop mail voting in a number of states.”

“There’s nothing they won’t do to hold power,” Wilson told Jong-Fast. “If Donald Trump was told tomorrow, ‘you have to go personally kill Ruth Bader Ginsburg.’ He would do it. If Donald Trump’s told tomorrow that ‘you have to feed Melania to dogs,’ he would do it. This guy has to hold power, or he is in the deepest possible hole.”

You can hear the above remarks below at around the 11:50 mark:

And you know, with this president and his lapdog, Bill Barr, everything they do is out of the norms, and laws established in the United States. Trump hasn’t expressed any grief for the nearly two hundred thousand Americans that have died on his watch, so throwing Melania to the dogs wouldn’t faze our narcissistic president.

Featured image via Flickr/The White House

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