Governor Cuomo Rips Trump Over His Horrific Attack On 75-Year Old Protester: “You Saw His Head Hit The Pavement!”

I'm sure Donnie will take this in a thoughtful manner.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tore into Donald Trump during a press briefing over probably the president’s most appalling tweet yet. Trump suggested that the 75-year-old protester who was pushed to the ground by police in Buffalo, New York, could be part of a “set up” after a video of the incident went viral. Trump went on to claim without evidence that the man, Martin Gugino, “could be an ANTIFA provocateur.”

“It’s all made up; it’s all fabricated. There’s no fact to any of it,” Cuomo said. “He accuses this man of being associated with Antifa, no proof whatsoever, no fact, just an assertion.”

“In the video you see him pushed and you see a 75-year-old man fall backward and hit his head on the pavement,” Cuomo said. “What does that even mean, fell harder than he was pushed? What, did he think it was staged? Do you think the blood coming out of his head was staged? Is that what you’re saying? You saw his head hit the pavement, you see blood on the pavement.”


“If he ever feels a moment of decency he should apologize for that tweet because it is wholly unacceptable,” Cuomo added. “Not a piece of proof. Totally, personally, disparaging, and at a moment where the man is still in the hospital. Show some decency. Show some humanity. Show some fairness, you’re the president of the United States.”


Trump, however, is not capable of apologizing to anyone. Mr. Gugino is still in the hospital and just got out of ICU. The long-time activist responded to Trump’s rage-tweet only to say: “Black lives matter.”

The Buffalo police department initially claimed Gugino “tripped and fell,” but after the video emerged of the incident, two officers have been charged with assault.

Jessica Rabbit wasn’t bad. She was just drawn that way. Donald Trump is bad because he wants to be that way.

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