Harvard Legal Expert Says The Quiet Part Loud: If Trump Stands A Chance In Hell At Trial, His Legal Team Better Get Him To Plead Insanity

Woof. Not a good look.

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The January 6th House Select Committee has finally completed its long-running investigation into the violent Capitol attack, as they prepare to disband as Republican leadership moves back in at the first of the new year, and has released its final report on the probe, complete with multiple criminal referrals to the US Department of Justice against scandal-ridden former President Donald Trump himself.

Should the Justice Department ultimately decide to pick up and move forward with these criminal referrals, Donald J. Trump could very well finally face a criminal trial for his numerous wrongdoings.

Following all of these recent bombshell developments, Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe, who is specifically a world-renowned expert in Constitutional Law, took to his Twitter on Christmas day with a rather damning analysis of the possible forthcoming Trump trial, on the heels of the former president’s disturbing new video message he publicly released to the January 6th House Select Committee.

“If this is the ‘defense’ at Trump’s forthcoming trial, I don’t envy the lawyers who agree to represent him,” Tribe wrote in a tweet before dealing this fatal blow to Trump and his overinflated ego, “They’d better be psychiatrists expert at reflexive projection and capable of getting their client to plead insanity.”

Tribe was specifically referring to a video message released by the scandal-ridden former president, in which Donald Trump personally addressed the J6 House Select Committee in his formal rebuttal to their damning decisions in recent days. Trump released the eyebrow-curling video message on his struggling Truth Social platform on Friday, just one day after the Panel of investigators released their 845-page final report on their probe, which publicized extreme revelations and evidence about Donald Trump’s personal role both before and during the deadly January 6th Capitol attack.

Trump referred to Committee members as “very bad people” in his video message, as he relentlessly harped on his same tired, ages-old conspiracy theories. He went on to claim that the Committee “did not produce a single shred of evidence” that he “in any way intended or wanted violence at our Capitol.”

In the midst of all the scandal and legal peril, Tribe is far from the only one to suggest that Trump’s only chance out of this thing is an insanity plea.

Back in October, former Justice Department official Neal Katyal had a similar analysis after Trump issued an unhinged 14-page response to the J6 Committee’s plan to subpoena him.

Speaking with MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart at the time, Katyal said, “I can’t see it in any legal way helping him unless he is trying to go for the insanity defense, of which this paper seems, you know, to be some evidence of.”

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