Heart-Breaking Video Appears To Show Surrendered Russian Soldier Crying During A Video Call With His Mom As Local Ukrainians Feed Him And Give Him Tea

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God knows we are viciously against the war Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has waged against the country of Ukraine and its people. However, in such tense, terrifying, and unprecedented times, it can be easy to forget that the Russian people are not inherently “bad.” Putin is. Even many of the Russian soldiers who have been a part of the Ukrainian invasion were fed lies from Putin and the Kremlin, making them believe that they were helping the Ukrainian people because their country was full of Nazis. A countless number of Russian soldiers had no idea what they were really going into Ukraine to do. While it certainly serves as absolutely no excuse for their actions, I can only imagine how many of them have moved forward with Putin’s “mission” out of pure fear of the repercussions that would come with protesting.

Today, a heart-shattering video that’s moving like wildfire across social media is serving as a sobering reminder of what Vladimir Putin has done to his troop of young soldiers.

The viral clip shows what is purported to be a young, seemingly starving Russian soldier who is said to have surrendered to Ukrainians. However, instead of being thrown in the deep, dark hole as a prisoner of war, the young man is seen surrounded by a small group of Ukrainian citizens who are giving the soldier food and tea, as one woman holds up a phone and helps the young man make a video call to his mother.

The reportedly surrendered soldier can be seen very eagerly eating and drinking the offerings from the Ukrainian people, before he appears to break down in tears upon connecting to his mother on the phone, kissing his fingers in a clear gesture of affection and love.

An alleged translation was posted in the comments of the video from a Redditor claiming to be a native Russian. According to this alleged translation, the young soldier was stating that he was completely unaware of where he was even being or the reason behind it all when he was stuck on a convoy to Ukraine. He reportedly went on to call upon Russian mothers to stand up in protest against the war and keep their sons home and out of Putin’s army.

” They’re giving their kids away as cannon fodder,” the young surrendered soldier allegedly said. “They don’t know where they are driving.”

The woman holding up the phone, helping the young man with his video call, directly addresses the soldier’s mother, who she calls Natasha and promises that her son is safe and cared for before promising that they will stay in touch with her. The young Ukrainian woman places her hand on the soldier’s shoulder as he cries, in an apparent gesture of comfort and compassion.

While the young man doesn’t directly comment on his hunger, the alarming rate at which he appears to eat and drink does lend credibility to the assumption that the soldier likely had not eaten or drunk anything in quite some time.

We are the first to admit that misinformation runs rampant on social media, especially during times like this. But this is far from the first time it has been indicated that many Russian soldiers had absolutely no clue what Hell they were being sent to in the name of Putin. Recently, Ukraine’s UN Ambassador read a series of text messages during an emergency session of the UN General Assembly that were reportedly the last messages sent by a Russian soldier to his mother that echoed the same notion.

We must remember, even through all the heartache and anger and fear, as the Ukrainians have — this is Vladimir Putin’s war. Plain and simple.

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