“House Divided”: Bombshell New Book Exposes The Alleged Endless Fighting Between Melania And Donald Trump In The WH

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Katie Rogers’ bombshell new book, American Woman: The Transformation of the Modern First Lady, from Hillary Clinton to Jill Biden, is about to hit shelves detailing the lives of United States first ladies over the years.

While the new tell-all touches on the lives of multiple FLOTUS’, one portion takes particular interest in Melania Trump, specifically detailing the alleged never-ending fights between the then-first lady and her husband, now-former President Donald Trump, many of which were so intense that the tension was painfully obvious even to outsiders.

Rogers’ book features telling interviews from multiple sources inside Trumpworld who were privy to the incessant disagreements between Donald and Melania Trump, ranging from things as simple as TV channels and White House decor to major policy issues and world events.

Rogers reveals that one of the couple’s most notable disagreements had to do with Donald’s deep-seated obsession with Fox News, while Melania preferred CNN.

Describing it as a “house divided,” the author says Donald’s wife watched CNN as “voraciously” as he did Fox News.

Back in 2017, Rogers reported with the New York Times that the couple butted heads hard when Donald boarded Air Force One to find that Melania’s television was playing CNN. He was apparently so infuriated by this discovery, that he ordered all TVs to be turned to and kept on Fox News from that point forward — as captured in a series of heated emails between the White House Military Office and the White House Communications Agency, which called it “a bit of a stir.”

The couple also found themselves regularly disagreeing over the decor inside the White House — with Donald preferring a flashier, gaudy style, while Melania was fond of a modern take.

Rogers revealed that, at one point, Donald actually ordered that his wife’s decor choices be replaced “with several pieces he liked better.”

“Without so much as control over the decor, Melania still wanted to signal to the public that she was optimistic about her future in Washington,” Rogers said, with Melania eventually taking to Twitter (now known as X) to post, “Looking forward to the memories we’ll make in our new home!” captioning a photo of a darkened of furniture that focused on the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorials through the window.

More heated arguments between the two came about when national disasters hit, such as mass shootings, with Rogers explaining that Melania “did not seem to mind standing apart from her husband.”

Of course, there were some matters — such as the children in cages at the southern border — where Melania was largely aligned with her husband.

However, when it came to the infamous Stormy Daniels affair and subsequent hush money payments that broke during Donald’s term, Melania was petty as petty could be, with her own former friend and aide, Stephanie Grisham, saying, “I think she was p—ed at Trump and wanted him to be a little humiliated that she took off,” when Melania decided to skip out on a pre-planned overseas trip and go to Mar-a-Lago instead, after the news broke.

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