Donald Trump Appeared To Awkwardly Try To Block Marjorie Taylor Greene From Hugging Him In Newly Circulating Video

Well, that was awkward.

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Things got a little awkward between Georgia’s most controversial Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and her beloved Dear Leader, scandal-plagued former President Donald Trump, when the pair were caught on a video clip that appears to show Trump trying to block Greene from giving him a hug.

Former federal prosecutor and popular social media user Ron Filipkowski took to his X account (formerly known as Twitter) with this awkward little clip, captioning the video, “Not too close, please. He wants the handshake. She wants the hug.”

Of course, Trump did ultimately… Kinda give Marjorie an awkward little embrace and some sort of weird kissy motion at the air beside her head. But based on just his body language alone, he REALLY didn’t want to.

The former president has long been said to be a germaphobe of epic proportions, so that could be why he did this weird little not-a-hug dance with his number-one fan. But, as you can imagine, social media had plenty of theories of their own:

Something tells me Marjorie is still cringing over this.

Featured image via screen capture

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