Insider Claims Trump Agreed To Pay The Legal Fees Of Giuliani’s Business Partners But Then Denied Knowing Them

This is bad, bad news for Donnie.

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These days it often seems that Donald Trump’s hole has been dug as deep as humanly possible. With literally dozens of sexual assault and rape allegations made against him, a list of friends that reads like the who’s who of today’s worst and most disgusting sexual predators, a plethora of social media attacks that make him look like a scorned 15-year-old with access to daddy’s AR and a manifesto already typed up on his laptop, multiple attempts at foreign interference in our government and elections, and now an almost-maybe-war on his hands through the fault of only himself — it really and truly seems, sometimes, that things couldn’t possibly get any worse for the man that currently “runs” our nation.

But, alas, it always… Always does.

Today, as a result of documents that were handed over to the House Intelligence Committee by former Rudy Giuliani henchman Lev Parnas, who’s been chomping at the bit to spill his guts for some time now, Donald just found his hole to be even deeper still.

In the treasure trove of documents produced by Parnas was an email from October, in which Donald Trump appears to offer legal assistance to two now-indicted Guiliani associates, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman — who were indicted on campaign finance charges after it was discovered that they played very relevant parts in the scheme to extort Ukranian president Volodymyr Zelensky as part of an attempt to secure political gain for Donald Trump.

But what makes this new information all that relevant now, you may be asking?

The email in question, that seems to indicate that Trump approved legal representation for the pair, came just a handful of days before Donald publicly spoke with reporters and completely denied ever having known the men.

It’s the same tactic Trump took when Jeffrey Epstein was revealed to have been trafficking children again, and the same he took still in regard to Prince Andrew who has rather prominent ties to the deceased child molester. Frankly, it’s the same tactic he uses anytime something like this comes up — he simply swears to high heaven he’s never met them, despite the fact that he’s literally up to his neck in proof otherwise.

He can deny all he likes. But his ship is sinking, and fast.

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