Insiders Reportedly Dubbed Trump’s 2024 Campaign A “Mess,” Former Admin Official Admitted “Money Is A Real Issue”

A complete and utter disaster.

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Donald Trump’s desperate attempt at a 2024 presidential campaign is not off to a good start. At all.

Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman was able to get the inside scoop from several Republicans with close ties to the scandal-ridden, disgraced former president, and it seems some of the aides closest to Trump are finding it extremely difficult to drag the former guy out of his Mar-a-Lago “bunker” to even get anything accomplished for the campaign and, using Trump’s own words, have dubbed the whole 2024 ordeal a “mess.”

Sherman was quick to note in his report that there’s an air of disappointment and unhappiness in the air among Trump’s inner circle, after the former president’s big 2024 campaign announcement, which took place on the heels of the GOP’s catastrophic midterm elections, failed to even remotely take off and has instead shaped up to be a massive dud, even among some of Donald’s formerly most staunch supporters and donors.

One GOP strategist didn’t mince their words when they told Sherman, “The early ’22 announcement was a historic flop. Talk about how not to create momentum.”

Multiple sources within Trumpworld have come to the consensus that the scandal-ridden former president is facing down two massive obstacles that are proving difficult to overcome, in an effort to turn this pathetic thing around — Trump’s crappy attitude… And money.

Sherman writes, “I spoke with a half dozen Republicans close to Trump, and the consensus is that his campaign is a ‘mess,’ to borrow a preferred Trump epithet. He is in a weird bunker and doesn’t want to go anywhere. Even the inner circle is worried he’s getting no traction at all.”

One Republican strategist echoed that sentiment when they added, “Literally nothing. It’s like it’s not even happening.”

One of Trump’s own former administration officials admitted that the resounding lack of donations to Trump’s 2024 campaign is becoming a real problem, stating, “Money is a real issue.”

Sherman writes:

As a presidential candidate, Trump isn’t allowed to tap into the $100 million war chest his various super PACs have amassed since he left the White House, meaning he either has to raise the money himself or spend his own. ‘A rally is expensive. They cost a half million dollars easily,’ a veteran of Trump’s 2016 campaign told me. Trump’s 2024 campaign has yet to file a fundraising report with the Federal Election Commission, but two sources close to Trump told me the money spigot isn’t flowing like it used to.”

He goes on to add that this may have a lot to do with Trump’s widely criticized and openly mocked attempt at a blatant cash grab through his highly-controversial digital trading cards after he spent a significant amount of time teasing that a “major announcement” was on the horizon.

“Even if the financial situation improves, Trump allies worry he has already committed a series of baffling, self-destructive blunders. ‘Trump completely overexposed himself with all those stupid midterm endorsements,’ another 2016 campaign veteran told me,” Sherman writes.

You can read his full report with Vanity Fair here.

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